Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

I watched the Vampire Academy film last year when it came out and only recently did I begin to actually start to read the series (two days ago to be exact).

When I first watched the film without any knowledge of the books, I really enjoyed it. But now I have read the book, which I loved, my opinion of the film has changed significantly.

I’ll first start with the book, I thought it was incredibly entertaining with a strong female protagonist. The basic premise is that Lissa is a Moroi, a kind of superior vampire race consisting of twelve royal families that are protected by Dhampir – half vampire and half human. Lissa has a Dhampir guardian called Rose, the two of them have this unique bond that gets explored throughout the duration of the book.

Without going into too much detail and spoiling it, I though it had a good amount of romance without it becoming too clichĂ© and suffocating (although I know plenty of people who might disagree). I thoroughly enjoyed it and quickly went online to order the next two books in the series, I know I am late to reading this series but I’m glad I finally got around to it.

But after reading the book, I don’t like the film as much. With some questionable casting choices alongside some really good ones, mixed with a cheesy script and inaccurate storylines it takes away from the magic of the book. I appreciate the film as its own medium with having no reference to the book, but now having read the book there is no comparison. The book is much better.

On Goodreads, I gave Vampire Academy four stars. It only missed out on having five stars because it didn’t have the poetic narrative of the books I usually give five stars. Despite being incredibly entertaining and having characters I am completely invested in, it could have a little bit more potential that I hope the rest of the series lives up to.

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